The expecting dad: Part 2

Hi guys,

I hope your week is going well and you are not working too hard.

Today I thought I would just give you some more information about pregnancy and what to expect as the father.

I am standing on the cusp of becoming a father, with only five and a half weeks left until our due date. I talked about how I have been dealing with the apprehension that plays in my mind.

The birth of your child is a huge event, a thing that will change your life forever. And all parents to be feel the same fear as the due date approaches, it is a worry that you will not be up to the task, that you will get everything wrong. I know that these and other thought have been swirling around my head. So I set out one day to find information that I could use to help me.

One day while doing some reading online, about being a good father I came across a blog post about setting core values and why it is important to have them set. Have a look here at the blog.

In it the author Justin Tan about

However, though ignoring your core values may make life easier in the short-term, this can create huge long-standing consequences.”
These consequences are losing of your true self, who you want to be as a person and the life you want to live. Now I am not saying that core values are not the be all and end all, and you should not view them as such. They are a tool and a very good one.

I once heard it said that a solider that has a weapon and does not use it, is either an idiot or dead.

I recommend that you have a look online for a list of values. I used

My core values are:

Family, Honesty, Balance, Integrity and Courage.

We live in a world that is fast pasted and has a lot of shiny things to detract you. By understanding what is important to you and why, you give yourself another tool to use.

Have a great day everyone



I would love to hear your thoughts on fatherhood, and values. Have you used them or do you have another strategy